Simone Biles talks the 'nervewracking' process of going public with boyfriend Stacey Ervin (exclusive)

Jennifer Kline,

In 2016, she performed physics-defying stunts in front of millions at the Olympics -- but this year, Simone Biles was anxious or a very different reason: She had to reveal to the world her first-ever boyfriend.

"I feel like we're a little bit nervous to put it out there because everyone has their own opinions," Simone told AOL of her new relationship. "It is different dating in the public eye, but I think we just do us."

Simone, a girls' empowerment advocate who recently teamed up with Target and Always to support Girls on the Run, found love in a familiar place: The gym! She fell for fellow gymnast Stacey Ervin, and since going public in August, the two have carefully shared glimpses of their romance on Instagram.

"You make me feel like the luckiest man in the world," Stacey wrote as he accompanied Simone at her induction into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

"I feel like in the beginning, it was more nerve-wracking posting about [the relationship] ... but then it becomes somewhat normal and people are used to seeing it, so they're okay with it," Simone told us.

Thanks to her Olympics training, Simone didn't get much of a chance to enjoy college life -- so it's especially fortunate that she found Stacey, a University of Michigan grad who often brings his new lady along to football games at the Big House.

Sacrificing "normal" teenage years in favor of intense training came at a price, Simone admitted. "Most teens are already pretty uncomfortable, and to go through [teenage years] with thousands of people watching us, we have different ways of dealing with it."

Her experience overcoming those teenage challenges are part of why she's so supportive of Girls on the Run: "It’s so important for girls to know that they can accomplish whatever they set their minds to, and Girls on the Run plays an important role in helping girls build their confidence and pursue their dreams."