How To Make A Simple & Stylish Japanese Onsen Tamago Without Failure

Onsen tamago is a traditional Japanese low temperature egg which is slow cooked in the hot waters of onsen in Japan. You can eat it as it is, or use it as a side dish for breakfast or as a topping for ramen or pasta. I will introduce how to make a simple Japanese Onsen Tamago without failure. If you scoop the creamy albumen and the thick, sticky yolk with a spoon and put it in your mouth, the richness and umami will fill your mouth. Today, I added simple toppings to the basic onsen tamago, making it a perfect Instagrammable dish for party and hospitality table. Please try. ** Please see this video for how to make a super easy homemade mentsuyu. 👉 ============================================================= ❥ YouTube : ❥ Instagram : ============================================================= ● Ingredients ( for 2 eggs ) ・Eggs ... 2 ・Cucumber ... about 3 cm ・Yellow paprika... about 1/4 ・Mentsuyu ・Ikura ・Chives ● Cooking Recipe ① Boil 5 cups of water ② When it boils, turn off the heat, add 1 cup of water, add the eggs just taken out of the refrigerator, put the cover and let stand for 13 to 18 minutes. (Different types of pots have different thicknesses and heat retention, so try the time you put the eggs in and decide the best time for your pot.) ③ After 13-18 minutes, remove the eggs and drop them in water to cool them down. When the egg cool down, put them in the refrigerator and let it sit for a few hours ~ overnight. ④ Cut the cucumber and paprika as needed ⑤ Peel the skin of the cucumber, cut it lengthwise into 4 pieces, remove the seeds, and chop finely. ⑥ Finely chop the paprika ⑦ Crack the egg into a bowl, top with cucumber, paprika, tobiko, and chives, and pour mentsuyu over them. ● Cooking tips ・Outside of Japan, use the eggs that are stored and distributed under low- temperature storage management under 50F and when you get home, make sure to store them in your refrigerator. ・The amount of time that the egg is kept in hot water depends on the type of pot (heat retention) and the size of the egg, so try 2-3 different times to find the best time. ・If you put eggs in the refrigerator for a little longer, the sticky texture will increase. ・The onsen tamago with melty yolk is delicious when eaten as a topping for ramen or pasta, or placed on top of rice and drizzled with soy sauce and eat them together crushing the yolk.