Singapore police: Pregnant officers not penalised, given alternative work options

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Fomer police officer Reema Razif. (SCREENSHOT: Facebook)
Fomer police officer Reema Razif. (SCREENSHOT: Facebook/Reema Razif)

SINGAPORE — Pregnant police officers are not penalised and are given alternative work arrangements for their well-being, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said in a statement on Wednesday night (8 June).

The statement was in response to media queries about a post by former police officer Reema Razif, who claimed in a Facebook post on Tuesday that her work performance grade fell during her career because of her pregnancy. According to Reema, she had worked through her pregnancies, sacrificed her meals and lifted heavy equipment while she was pregnant, and she was still not rated a “performing” worker.

The SPF said, “During Reema’s four pregnancies between 2016 and 2021, she was given light duty assignments that were primarily desk-bound. Reema was not asked to work while she was on paid maternity leave.”

In addition, she had received a performance grade similar to many of her colleagues in the Police Land Division, the SPF added.

The SPF takes a firm stance against workplace discrimination practices and that there are various avenues for its officers to raise complaints on any such practices, which are looked into seriously.

Referring to a Facebook post in April 2020 by Reema, who wrote about her police work, SPF said current public sector rules disallow officers from commenting on work-related issues without prior authorisation. Reema was advised by her supervisor for not seeking approval for her post, but she was not penalised, said the SPF, who thanked Reema for her contributions during her career.

“The SPF builds fair and progressive workplaces for our employees. Many of our female officers excel in their career, balancing work and family responsibilities.”

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