Singer Kina Grannis Says Her Mom Has 'No Matches' for Life-Saving Blood Stem Cell Transplant amid Cancer Fight

"Our mom has bone marrow cancer and needs a blood stem cell transplant to save her life," wrote Grannis on Instagram, asking AAPI fans to consider registering for the bone marrow registry

Kina Grannis/Instagram Kina Grannis with her mom and sister
Kina Grannis/Instagram Kina Grannis with her mom and sister

Singer Kina Grannis is asking for her fans' help to save her mom's life.

Four months after sharing her mom Trish is facing bone marrow cancer, the entertainer shared an update on her health while urging her followers to sign up for the bone marrow registry.

"Our mom has bone marrow cancer and needs a blood stem cell transplant to save her life. We have searched the global registry of over 40 million people, and as of right now, she has no matches," wrote Grannis, 37, on Instagram. "With your help, we hope to change this."

The Japanese-American star — whose rendition of "Can't Help Falling in Love" was featured in Crazy Rich Asians — especially called upon Asian fans to participate.

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"People of Asian descent are significantly underrepresented in the bone marrow donor registry — what this means is that when one of our own is diagnosed with blood or bone marrow cancer and needs a match to save their life, it is much harder for them to find a donor.

"This is where we come in — Asian people have a much greater chance of matching with someone of the same ethnic background. We can save each other, and we can do this by getting ourselves, our friends, siblings, cousins, children, etc, to join the registry.

"Registering is free and as easy as a cheek swab. Please consider signing up, if not for our mom, for all our AAPI family, now and in the future, who may find themselves in this place of need someday. We take care of us," Grannis concluded.

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In January, Grannis told fans her mom had been diagnosed with a "rare bone marrow cancer called myelofibrosis."

"My mom is the actual light of the sun manifested in human form. She has more energy and effort and love and creativity than should be possible for any one person to possess, let alone such an adorably tiny one," wrote the singer. "Her main goal in life is to spread happiness, and she fulfills this every single day. She is our everything."

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