Singh says NDP needs to show Islanders what the party can do for them

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Singh says NDP needs to show Islanders what the party can do for them

Jagmeet Singh says his party needs to show Islanders how voting for them actually benefits them.

The leader of the federal NDP will be in P.E.I. Saturday for the annual general meeting and leadership convention of the provincial New Democrats.

Singh, who last month secured the Liberal government's backing of some of his party's initiatives through a confidence-and-supply agreement, said they now have something concrete to point to when voters ask them to show what they gain from voting for the NDP.

As part of the deal, the NDP gets supports for a national dental care program and the establishment of a framework for pharmacare, in exchange for the party propping up the government until 2025.

"We can show Islanders that with 25 MPs, we were able to do so much. Imagine if we had a voice from P.E.I. and more MPs elected how much more we could do," Singh said during an interview with CBC News: Compass on Friday.

"Just before the campaign, we came to P.E.I., we spoke with people and they mentioned how they were really worried about housing, health care. These are things that we can provide solutions for, and now we have proof of what we can do. And I'm hoping that that will show Islanders that we have a strong role to play."

On Saturday, the provincial New Democrats will select a leader who will take over Joe Byrne, who stepped down from the role in 2020.

Michelle Neill is set to take over, with no one else having put their name for consideration.

Singh said Neill has decades of experience, and will be a great asset for the party.

"[She has] spent a lifetime of public service working at the federal level as a civil servant. She's done incredible work there," he said.

"Having worked at the federal level in the non-partisan side, [she will] bring that experience to the fore as the leader in P.E.I.. She will be a strong voice, and I look forward to working with her."

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