Sister says brother's ashes that seemed lost in transit are now home

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VANCOUVER — A woman says her little brother can now be laid to rest after his ashes reached her Metro Vancouver home from Edmonton weeks later than promised.

Courtney Baker says her mother in Maple Ridge, B.C., received the package early Monday and they are breathing a sigh of relief knowing Darrell's ashes are near.

A statement from Canada Post says the ashes were located following an intensive search and were hand-delivered by a director who personally apologized to the customer.

It says they're pleased the item was reunited with the family and it will review the events of the last few days to improve service.

Darrell Baker's ashes were mailed by a funeral home on Dec. 22 and were supposed to reach Vancouver in two days but the delivery date was pushed back several times.

The 36-year-old died in Edmonton on Nov. 26, and his cause of death is being investigated.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 11, 2021.

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