'Sister Wives' star Janelle Brown reveals she now has a 'superficial' relationship with Kody and some of her former sister wives

Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown from "Sister Wives."
Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown from "Sister Wives."Ethan Miller/Getty Images
  • In an interview with People, Janelle Brown called her current relationship with Kody "superficial."

  • She announced the pair were separated in December 2022 on TLC.

  • Janelle also told People she might've stayed in her marriage if Christine hadn't left Kody first.

TLC's "Sister Wives" star Janelle Brown got honest about her relationship with her ex Kody Brown and some of her former sister wives in a recent interview with People.

As seen in a video interview portion of the story, Janelle did a joint interview with Christine Brown, who was the first of Kody's three ex-partners to leave him (their split was announced in November 2021). But Janelle described her relationship with Kody, his current wife Robyn Brown, and Kody's other ex-partner Meri (who announced her own split from Kody in January 2023) as "very polite" and "superficial." She also said that the adults were "not mean" to each other.

Janelle announced in December 2022 that she considered herself "separated" from Kody and told People recently that they're no longer in a relationship. She and Kody have six biological children together: Logan Brown, 29, Madison Brush, 27, Hunter Brown, 26, Garrison Brown, 25, Gabriel Brown, 21, and Savanah Brown, 18.

Janelle Brown and Kody Brown.
Janelle Brown and Kody Brown.TLC; TLC

According to Janelle, when all of the kids in the Brown family were younger, she, Meri, Christine, and Kody had a "vision" of living in the same house and raising all of their kids as siblings. But the family got too big, and when they moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2011, they had to get separate houses.

In another recent People interview, Janelle admitted that she might have stayed with Kody if Christine did. She told People she still considers Christine a sister wife so her departure was "heartbreaking" and left the family to grapple with its identity.

As seen in "Sister Wives" season 18 previews, fans of the show will soon see Janelle's marriage to Kody unravel on the show. She said she knew their relationship was over after they had a big fight in December 2021. "This burden came off me, and I thought, 'Wow. Okay, it's over."

Janelle also told People she might "consider" a plural marriage again because she liked the "freedom" it provided her. But Janelle or Christine told People they don't think any of Kody's 18 kids will live a polygamous lifestyle.

"Sister Wives" season 18 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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