SIU says no grounds for charges in Windsor police-scooter collision

The Special Investigations Unit has decided there are no grounds to lay charges in a September collision between a Windsor Police Service cruiser and a motorized scooter. 

According to the SIU, an 87-year-old on a motorized scooter at the intersection of Wyandotte and McDougall Streets was in the crosswalk when the light in his direction was green. 

At the same time, a Windsor police cruiser was turning left, coming south on McDougall and intending to go east on Wyandotte Street. 

The cruiser struck the motorized scooter in the crosswalk. The 87-year-old received a serious head injury. 

Seven witness officers and one civilian witness were interviewed in order for Joseph Martino, interim director of the SIU, to make his decision. 

"I am unable to reasonably conclude that the [officer's] singular indiscretion represents a marked deviation from a reasonable level of care in the circumstances," said Martino. "While I accept that the [officer] is responsible for the regrettable collision that resulted in the Complainant's injury, I am not satisfied on reasonable grounds that the officer's conduct was sufficiently wanting to attract criminal liability."