Six plus years for Sarnia fentanyl dealer in long-delayed sentencing

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Brandon Darcy appeared in court last November pleading guilty to fentanyl trafficking. He knew he’d be going away for several years.

With this in mind Justice Anne McFadyen adjourned sentencing until the new year so Darcy could spend Christmas with his family and earn extra money for his kids. But what was supposed to be a short three month delay soon became an 11 month sentencing saga.

The setback was entirely Darcy’s doing and he was not a free man for most of this period. Darcy was arrested three more times while awaiting sentencing on his original crimes, finally being locked up for good after an April arrest for driving without a licence.

In July Darcy plead guilty to these final three crimes and a sentencing was finally set for Oct. 4. This time there was no delay and no more escaping his fate.

“In this court’s opinion the appropriate sentence… is five years,” McFadyen says of Darcy’s most serious charge, trafficking $10,000 worth of fentanyl. Clad in a white jumpsuit the guilty party took in his judgement from the video suite at Sarnia Jail.

While McFadyen noted Darcy was introduced to drugs as a youth and a pre-sentence report says he “expresses great remorse for his actions and seeks rehabilitation for his addiction,” he also brought a “lengthy and concerning criminal record” to sentencing which included several drug charges. Darcy also said he trafficked the fentanyl because it was “lucrative,” and not simply to fuel his own addiction.

“It’s one of the most lethal substances being used in the community. It simply wreaks havoc and destruction when consumed,” says McFadyen. Defence Lawyer Nick Cake asked for four years on the trafficking charge but the justice felt five was more in line with the court’s desire of stronger punishments for fentanyl charges.

And there was plenty more punishment to come as Darcy was hit with 60 days jail each on four driving offences and 30 days each for five bail breaches. The Aug. 2019 traffic stop leading to the fentanyl discovery happened when Darcy was found shirtless in the back of a car trying to avoid a suspended driving charge. The search turned up just under an ounce of fentanyl, some meth and $1,100 cash in his shoe.

Crown Attorney Meaghan Jones asked for the additional time to run consecutive to the federal trafficking charges and McFadyen agreed, adding a further 390 days to the sentence.

Darcy was credited for 300 days time served but this still leaves him behind bars for the next five years and three months.

A lifetime weapons ban, DNA order and cash forfeiture of the $1,100 were also imposed on Darcy.

Alex Kurial, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent

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