Six-time Grammy-winning legend is eliminated on 'The Masked Singer'

“There is no way that the producers would have Chaka Khan, a legend, and then Dionne Warwick, on the same season. There’s no way!” proclaimed incredulous Masked Singer judge Jenny McCarthy on Wednesday’s Group B Playoffs episode. But apparently Jenny hadn’t consulted her Psychic Friends — because the Mouse did indeed turn out to be Dionne.

It actually wasn’t that surprising that the six-time Grammy-winner had signed up for this supersized season, which has already unmasked superstars like Lil Wayne, Tony Hawk, and, yes, Chaka Khan. What was surprising was the fact that Dionne also went home early, just as Chaka controversially did two weeks ago.

As expected, after the Mouse’s identity was revealed, the internet was once again squeaking in protest.

However, as I have noted before, The Masked Singer is an atypical singing competition — one in which the normal rules of, well, actual singing do not apply. It’s a show that takes place in a parallel universe where every day is Opposite Day, a show on which an icon like Dionne’s “That’s What Friends Are For” collaborator Gladys Knight can go home in third place, or Patti LaBelle can even stall in eighth.

And so, Warwick seemed unfazed by her early elimination. “It was an absolute pleasure. I had the best time. It was a ball,” she gushed. The cast seemed to have had an even better time, with host Nick Cannon telling her, “We are privileged to be in your presence,” and judge Nicole Scherzinger saying, “It’s an honor to have you on the show.” Aw. That is what friend