Skateboarding dog crashes into BBC building

Screenshot from Twitter.

A dog on wheels nearly crashed into the BBC’s U.K. offices this week in an extraordinary moment that was caught on tape.

BBC Three posted a tweet of a 22-second clip that shows a beige French bulldog on a red skateboard in London. The dog appears to know what it’s doing as it speeds through a crowd of people who swiftly move out of its way. The canine even uses its back leg to gain speed. The video shows a woman chasing after the animal, which appears to be heading straight toward the doors of an office building. “Stop him,” a man can be heard yelling in the background.

The dog eventually bumps into the building’s revolving doors, but appears unfazed. The woman picks up the skateboard as the dog jumps around before placing it back on the pavement. The dog gets right back to it, barking as he zips through the crowd of people.

The tweet the broadcaster sent out sharing the moment wasn’t accurate, however. They describe the dog as a pug but it was actually a French bulldog.

The flub was quickly acknowledged.

It seems the BBC building is the place to be if one wants to experience the bizarre. A day before the skateboarding dog incident, an inflatable giant pig was spotted outside the same building.

What a time to be in London.