Skateboarding at the spray park

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At the October 6th council meeting councillors discussed complaints that Councillor Barnes had received regarding skateboarders at the spray park. Councillor Barnes asked about creating higher and more fencing to deter those with skateboards from entering the area. He submitted video and photos of the incident he witnessed to administration and complained that there was “not one kid in the playground area” but that their parents were “picnicking and letting the young children play in the splash pad area where concrete and tubing could be damaged.”

Mayor Kronen reminded the council that there had been a letter from the public asking that the skateboard park equipment be relocated. Councillor Court said that council had not done anything about it yet because of the problems that seemed directly linked to the skate park patrons. For instance, there had been reports from RCMP that the persons attending the spray park were found vandalizing areas nearby. For this reason, Councillor Court was vehemently opposed to the skateboard park equipment being relocated near the spray park because of potential damage to equipment. Court said “If it does get relocated it should be in the middle of nowhere.”

Councillor Bengry said “The problem is that we have the same kids, the same perpetrators over and over again. Something needs to be done with the parents… the parent needs to take responsibility for that.”

Councillor Selk said that citizens on patrol could add to their route by monitoring the activity at the spray park.

In the end, no councillors advocated for better skateboard equipment or suggested a location for the equipment to be moved to as a solution to the possible problem that skateboarding could wreck the new splash pad equipment. Council decided to start with signage regarding the cameras that are in the area, with a plan to look at fencing if the skateboarding continues.

Elizabeth Thompson-Christensen, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Temple City Star