Ski resort in French Alps closes permanently: ‘not much snow’

A cabin at the La Sambuy ski resort near Mont Blanc in the French Alps in February. The ski resort is closing because it is not getting enough snow, causing it to operate at a sizeable loss annually. Image courtesy of La Sambuy/Facebook

Sept. 17 (UPI) -- The La Sambuy ski resort in Seythenex, France, is permanently closed for business, citing a lack of snow.

The decision was made by the municipal council of the town, which operates the resort, due to the resort's ski season shrinking as a result of global warming, CNN reported. Mayor Jacques Dalex told the network that operating the resort is no longer profitable.

Last winter there were just four weeks of snow, Dalex said. "Even then, not much snow."

The news was confirmed by an announcement by La Sambuy on its website. The resort is located near Mont Blanc in the French Alps.

"Station permanently closed on Sunday 10/09, following the decision of the municipal council of June 14," the announcement reads. "Thank you all for this last summer season of 2023, and for all these wonderful years spent by your side. We hope to see you soon."

The ski resort was operating at an estimated $530,000 loss annually. The cost of operating its three ski lifts is about $85,388. The ski lifts will be dismantled.

The resort will continue to be a destination for hiking and other outdoor activities. Popular summer activities include rock climbing, cave diving, hiking, paragliding and riding its bike trails.