What skills should the Raptors pursue in free agency?

The Toronto Raptors have a few clear needs but will likely struggle to address all of them in free agency. Amit Mann and Oren Weisfeld discuss what roster holes Toronto should upgrade during the offseason. Listen to the full episode on the 'Raptors Over Everything' podcast feed or watch on our YouTube.

Video Transcript

AMIT MANN: Their roster needs-- and what is the most pressing one. Do you think, like, if they don't make the decision with the center position at all, so they go exactly like they went this year-- they got Scottie. They got Khem Birch. They got Precious Achiuwa. They roll with that next season. Are you comfortable?

OREN WEISFELD: I'm pretty comfortable because, I mean, this goes back to Gary Trent. You know, I think-- I think Precious should start if they run it back--

AMIT MANN: Yeah, I think so too.

OREN WEISFELD: --should come off the bench. And I think Precious, just the amount of growth he's done in the short time he's been a Raptor.


OREN WEISFELD: You can project him to be a starting caliber center by next season. And by the end of next season, I honestly have no idea what to predict him as. But even-- I was really impressed with how he grew over the course of the series against the Sixers. And by the end, he really, like-- game 6 was not a good one for him, but games three, four, five-- like, he really solved a lot of stuff with Embiid. And you're--


OREN WEISFELD: --always going to throw doubles at Embiid, but Precious made it so that they could spend a little more time before throwing those doubles and be a little bit more intentional about where they came from. So I'm really impressed with his game on both ends of the floor and how it's developing.


OREN WEISFELD: Look, I wouldn't necessarily be mad if they ran it back without a center, but they have to solve one of their holes, you know? Like, if you're not going to bring a center, bring some shooting in, right?


OREN WEISFELD: If you're not going to bring shooting in, bring a center in. I don't-- as long as they solve one of their holes, I'll be happy because it's really hard to solve, like, two to three holes in one off-season.


OREN WEISFELD: But yeah, in terms of the actual-- just the big situation, if they bring Thad back and Boucher back, Precious, Khem, I'm OK with that.

AMIT MANN: I think so too. And Precious, specifically. The nature-- his nature, like, and you know, he is another person that I put in that Serge Ibaka vein, that he plays bigger than he is.

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