The Skincare Company Kendall Jenner Swears By Makes a Kit That's Designed to Give You Summer-Ready Skin

Alex Warner

It’s a common myth that acne just magically disappears as we age. Not only is adult acne very real, but it’s a skin care issue even celebrities struggle with. One celeb who has recently opened up about dealing with acne is Kendall Jenner, who revealed she was able to successfully treat her acne with Proactiv.

Now a spokesperson for the dermatologist-approved brand, the 23-year-old model claims her skin has found solace in the ProactivMD system, which has become an essential in her daily skincare routine. And in case you didn’t know, Proactiv has a slew of other great products for clear skin this summer — because as temperatures and hemlines rise, it’s going to get harder to hide body acne.

What’s great about Proactiv is that you can use the products all over your body (not just on your face) to help you get the gorgeous summer skin you’ve always dreamt of. And with wedding season upon us, Proactiv has two kits to help you prep your skin for any summer weddings (or other big events) on your schedule: the Proactiv Stress-Free Skin Kit and the Proactiv Ready, Set, Glow Kit.

Just like Jenner’s favorite system, these kits come with multiple products that use the brand’s “combination therapy approach” — which is “a preventative strategy that provides you with a complete, multi-step skincare regimen together with acne-fighting medicine.” The five-piece stress-free kit, which costs $29.95 per month, comes with a prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide cleanser, an alcohol-free toner, an oil-free treatment to combat existing and prevent future blemishes, a blackhead dissolving gel that reduces the appearance of pores, and a spot treatment for those unexpected visitors.


Buy It! Proactiv Stress-Free Skin 5-Piece Kit, $29.95/month;

If you want a true summer glow, we suggest going with the Ready, Set, Glow kit. Also ringing in at $29.95 per month for five products, it comes with a gentle exfoliating cleanser, a lightweight SPF moisturizer (which Jenner never leaves the house without applying!), an adapalene gel that helps regulate cell turnover to prevent future breakouts, a balancing toner, and an eye brightening serum infused with vitamins C and E.


Buy It! Proactiv Ready, Set, Glow 5-Piece Kit, $29.95/month;

In honor of June being National Acne Awareness month, take a step towards clearer skin and invest in some Kendall Jenner-approved Proactiv products. Your skin will thank you (and Kendall) later!