Sky News' Sophy Ridge makes Jeremy Hunt C word slip without even noticing

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Watch: Sky News Sophy Ridge calls Jeremy Hunt 'C***' and does not even correct mistake

Sky News' Sophy Ridge has become the latest presenter to fall victim to the C word curse of Jeremy Hunt - and she didn't even notice.

The news broadcaster was discussing which prominent Conservative MPs were expecting to lobby against Prime Minster Boris Johnson in the vote of no confidence when she referenced the former Foreign Secretary and mispronounced his surname as a four letter expletive.

Ridge said: "Two figures who are significant, Jeremy C*** because he's a potential leadership candidate."

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There was no indication that she was aware of her slip-up as she did not even pause and did not correct her mistake.

Sophy Ridge - Sky News (Sky)
Sophy Ridge - Sky News (Sky)

The report moved swiftly on to a discussion with Political Correspondent Ali Fortescue and no correction or apology was made to the obscenity being used on air.

The C Word slip up in relation to Hunt, currently the Chair of the Health and Social Collect Committee, is now a common curse among newscasters.

Sky News host Sophy Ridge
Sky News host Sophy Ridge called Jeremy Hunt C*** live on air. (Getty Images)

In 2010 BBC Radio 4 host James Naughtie called the then culture secretary "Jeremy C**t" live on The Today Programme.

He later apologised, saying he “got into an awful tangle” and explained he mixed up the words 'Hunt' and 'Culture'.

Jeremy Hunt arrives at BBC Broadcasting House in London in 2022.
Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt's name is commonly mispronounced on TV. (Getty Images)

Andrew Marr fell victim to the same tongue twister in 2010.

Today Programme presenter Justin Webb made a similar mistake in 2018, and former BBC China Carrie Gracie also referred to Hunt as “C***” on television last year.

In 2019 BBC Radio 5 Live host Nicky Campbell was reporting on Donald Trump’s arrival in the UK and describing the public figures waiting at Stanstead Airport to meet the then US president as he disembarked Air Force One, when he made the mistake in referencing the then Foreign Secretary.

James Naughtie attends the Edinburgh International Book Festival on August 22, 2016 in Edinburgh
Former BBC Today Programme host James Naughtie called Jeremy Hunt C*** during an interview in 2010. (Getty Images)

Campbell said: "He’s going to be meeting Mr Ben Julian Harrington, Chief Constable of Essex Police, who’s standing just behind Jeremy C***… Jeremy Hunt."

Shortly afterwards the presenter posted a tweet of “No comment.”

And Victoria Derbyshire made the error on ther BBC show later that same year.

Presenter Victoria Derbyshire leaves BBC Broadcasting House in London, after it was announced that her TV programme is being taken off air. (Photo by Yui Mok/PA Images via Getty Images)
Victoria Derbyshire apologised for making the same mistake in 2019. (Getty Images)

Addressing Tory MP Steve Brine, she said: "You say the man you are backing, Jeremy C*** ... I'm so sorry, Jeremy Hunt.”

Sky News presenter John Craig has mispronounced Hunt’s name in the same unfortunate way on live TV more than once.

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Other broadcasters to have made the same slip over Hunt’s surname include the Sky News health and science correspondent Thomas Moore, the BBC political journalist Ellie Price and the Sky anchor Claudia-Liza Armah.

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