SLCA donates $400 to Tri-Township Food Basket

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In the aftermath of the Storm Cleanup Appreciation summer barbecue that Limerick Township and council hosted on Aug. 20, the Steenburg Lake Community Association raised $400 and donated it to the Tri-Township Food Basket at the barbecue. Limerick Township also donated many non-perishable food items to the TTFB that were taken in at the barbecue.

Pat Stallaert, the president of the SLCA, told Bancroft This Week on Aug 24 that his association had raised $400 in support of the TTFB, which they collected prior to the Limerick Township Storm Cleanup Appreciation summer barbecue on Aug. 20, hosted by Limerick council.

Gail Nicol is the acting chair of the TTFB and said that the staff are so grateful for the very generous donation from the SLCA and for the donation of non-perishable food items from Limerick as a result of the Storm Cleanup Appreciation summer barbecue.

“It was wonderfully thoughtful of the township to include us in their planning. Thanks to everyone who contributed,” she says.

Nicol reveals that donations of non-perishable food help keep their shelves stocked with basic essentials, and that monetary donations help them procure food items like eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt meat and some fresh food. She says that many of their clients are seniors or children, who are at a stage in their lives where they need extra protein to stay healthy.

“Recently, food costs have jumped a lot especially for meat and fresh fruits and vegetables, making it harder for our clients to buy food and also costing the food bank more to continue to provide nourishing food,” she says.

The TTFB has been serving Wollaston, Limerick and Tudor and Cashel Townships for about 10 years, they operate out of the basement of the Coe Hill Legion and are under the umbrella of the North Hastings Community Cupboard in Bancroft. Nicol says that the NHCC helps them with food when they can, and that they have benefitted from their access to equipment grants.

“We are blessed with a dedicated staff of mostly older seniors and we would gladly welcome more volunteers. We serve a large geographic area and it is difficult for some of our people to come to us. Access to a car is necessary in our area, due to its rural nature and a lack of regular and easy to get to public transportation. Consequently, we do deliveries at our own expense to those who need them,” she says.

Stallaert said that when the SLCA learned about the barbecue and that donations of non-perishable food items were being accepted to go to the TTFB, they thought of how best they could help.

"Rather than trying to collect, or even going out to buy some random food items, we quickly realized that the best way to help this great cause was with monetary donation, so they could apply the funds to their areas of greatest need, and hopefully obtain some preferential pricing from suppliers,” he says.

Stallaert says that he met with Nicol at the Aug. 20 barbecue at the Limerick Community Centre and presented her with a cheque for $400 from the SLCA and its members.

“We hope that by publishing this good news story, that much needed attention is drawn to this great cause, and that our humble efforts might inspire other individuals and groups to lend similar support.”

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times