Sling TV adds arcade games on Fire TV and Android TV

Sling Arcade on Sling TV.
Sling TV

If you’ve ever been watching live TV and thought to yourself, “What I’d really like to do right now, as I’m watching a basketball game, is also play some Tetris,” Sling TV now has you covered. Enter Sling Arcade.

As the name implies, Sling Arcade is a smattering of arcade-style games (ask your parents, kids) that are not only available in the Sling TV app as a standalone feature, but you also can play multiview style, with the game you’re playing side by side with whatever you’re watching. Or if you want to play full-screen, just hit the “Arcade” playlist on the Sling TV app home screen.

Sling TV is initially available on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV, with 10 games available at launch. They include:

  • Wheel of Fortune

  • Tetris

  • Sweet Sugar

  • Solitaire Clash

  • Poker Online

  • Neon Rider

  • Centipede

  • Doodle Jump

  • Coin Town

  • Pixel Dash

And these aren’t just one-off time-wasters. You’ll be able to save your progress in the game, under the default user profile that pops up when you first launch the game. You can customize that profile, too, or create multiple profiles, so everyone can get in on the fun.

Buy at SLING TVSling TV is the third-largest live-streaming service in the U.S., with 2.12 million subscribers to close out the third quarter of 2023. It’s known as a low-cost option, with plans starting at $40 each for either Sling Orange or Sling Blue (or $55 for both), but with fewer channels than the bigger competitors. You then can build out the rest of your plan with add-on categories.

Sling TV is available on every major connected platform, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, smart TVs, and in a web browser.