Sling TV has 46 March Madness games, and it’s $40 off

<span class="credit">Image used with permission by copyright holder</span>
Image used with permission by copyright holder

It’s March and we’re ready for the madness. This year, it is coming in the form of not being able to find all of NCAA championship games easily on standard streaming services. Luckily, there is an easy, affordable solution to all of this via Sling TV. The service, which has affordable sports-oriented plans, is offering great deals for this season. For example, those that prepay for four months of Sling Blue service now will be able to save $40 over the course of those same months, or $10 per month. That will get you three of the four channels you need to watch March Madness games: TNT, TBS, and TruTV. Unfortunately Sling doesn’t have access to CBS, so you’ll miss 21 of the 67 games in the tournament.

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Why you should watch March Madness on Sling TV

The popular live TV streaming service is built around two teams, the Orange Plan team and the Blue Plan team. Usually sports fans want the Orange Plan because it adds ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN 3 to the mix of 26 already-great channels like TNT, Cartoon Network, and AMC. Unfortunately Sling Blue is the one that includes TruTV, so you’ll have to get Blue and skip out on ESPN or go for the package that gets you both Orange and Blue for $55 per month (your first month is half off).

While there’s no Sling TV free trial going on at the moment, you can access these aforementioned plans at a reduced cost at this time. You can get Sling Blue for $20 for your first month, if if you’re a pro basketball fan you can add NBA League Pass for $50 instead of $55 per month for six months. And, if you prepay for four months of Sling Blue right now you can save $40. Check out this plan, as well as the entirety of what Sling has to offer, via the button below.

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