SLO County man guilty of manslaughter in fake ‘road rage’ case

An Oceano man who accidentally shot and killed a friend in 2022 as they drove around firing guns while high on marijuana was convicted of involuntary manslaughter on Thursday.

Daniel Jacobo, 23, was also found guilty of filing a police report after he and two friends told police that the shooting had been the result of a “road rage” incident in Nipomo, a story they repeated several times over the course of the investigation.

Jacobo was one of three people who drove 28-year-old Arroyo Grande resident Alexander Montero Pille to the hospital with a gunshot wound on Nov. 4, 2022. Montero Pille later died from his injuries. The other two men were Oceano resident Alexis Tapiapille, 22, and Marc Anthony Ramos Perez, 22, who is from Mexico.

According to a news release at the time of the shooting, witnesses, presumably Jacobo, Tapiapille and Ramos Perez, told investigators Montero Pille was shot during a physical fight between him and unknown occupants of another vehicle.

But six months later, the agency said, investigators found the supposed “road rage” incident never occurred.

Instead, investigators determined, the four men had been driving in the rural mountainous area of Lopez Canyon in Arroyo Grande, where they were shooting a gun and consuming alcohol and marijuana.

Jacobo, who was in the rear passenger seat of the vehicle, shot several rounds from a handgun into the mountain from inside the vehicle, the District Attorney’s Office said.

As he brought the gun back into the vehicle, he fired one additional round, which hit the rear of the driver’s seat, where Montero Pille was sitting. Montero Pille suffered a gunshot wound to his back.

Jacobo then threw the gun from the truck, and the group of three made up the “road rage” story to cover up how the shooting actually occurred, the District Attorney’s Office said. Jacobo admitted to detectives that he was “high” on marijuana at the time of the shooting, the agency said.

A jury found found Jacobo guilty of involuntary manslaughter and filing a false police report but did not find true that Jacobo intentionally and personally used a firearm during the shooting, which would have enhanced Jacobo’s sentence.

Jocobo faces a maximum sentence of four years and six months in San Luis Obispo County Jail, where he has been housed since his arrest in February 2023 with a $227,000 bond.