Slocan council, April 11: Summer events given initial approval

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Dancing in the streets

The high-profile renovation of the Slocan City Hotel is nearly complete, and the owner is looking to celebrate.

Council has given initial approval for John Pettigrew to hold a two-day street dance around the hotel June 17 and 18.

“The live music events will not only take place in the Slocan City Hotel, but also utilize the Legion and an outdoor stage to help generate income for the surrounding businesses, as well as create a vibrant street celebration atmosphere,” Pettigrew wrote in his request to council.

He asked for the Village to allow the road to be blocked on the eastbound lane of Delaney between the Legion and hotel, and Harold Street just north of Flaca’s. A stage would be set up at the intersection.

All the adjacent businesses and residents have written in support of the project, prompting council to approve Pettigrew making a formal application for an event.

Pettigrew said he is applying for a temporary liquor permit for inside his hotel, but council added the proviso there be no public drinking spaces outdoors at the event. The organizers plan to have security on hand to keep traffic clear and prevent problems.

… and dancing in the park

The village will be alive with the sound of music more than once this summer.

Council also gave initial approval for a day-long family-oriented music festival at Expo Park on July 9, organized by Tree Hugger Retreats and Events and the Saturday Market.

Described as “family-friendly, with kid-friendly music in the afternoon,” the promoter also asked for Giffin Avenue to be blocked off for the day between Slocan and Hume Streets to allow for food vendors to set up their vehicles.

Council approved the initial event, providing there be no alcohol sales, and the music ends by 10 pm. However, they decided not to allow the closure of Giffin Avenue, suggesting there was plenty of room for food vendors at the adjacent ball diamond.

Organizers are expected to consult closely with the Village during planning, and were given the go-ahead to fill out a Special Events application form.

Cannabis cleared

The local path to allow a recreational cannabis dispenser in Slocan is now cleared. Village council adopted changes to several bylaws to allow ‘Weed Be Delighted’ to open a retail cannabis store in the village’s downtown, likely later this year.

Changes had to be made to the Village’s fees-and-charges, business licence and zoning bylaws to include provisions to allow cannabis retail as a recognized activity.

With no members of the public having raised issues during the consultation process, the bylaw amendments were given final adoption with little comment by council.

The local family proposing the retail store still has to meet various provincial and federal regulations before they can open for business.

The vote also ratified another amendment to the Fees and Services bylaw to allow for non-refundable online registration fees for the municipal campground.

Other grants

Council also provided cash grants for other worthy projects in town.

The Wellness Centre will receive $950 to improve sound-proofing in the facility.

“There are concerns regarding privacy and confidentiality of patient’s private, personal and medical information,” says a report to council. “The space is shared by multiple practitioners, and there is little-to-no sound proofing our sound barriers in the clinic.”

The acupuncture clinic, which made the request, also asked that Village Public Works help with the installation of the soundproofing – about half-a-day’s work, they estimate.

The money will come from the Community Development Fund.

The folks at the Community Garden Project need a picnic table, and were hoping the Village had one to spare. The Village doesn’t have any extras on hand, so council agreed to donate money instead. They asked the garden folks to do some research and come back with a purchase proposal. They also suggested they check with a local store that’s closing, that may have a picnic table to donate to a good cause.

Council also approved donating $4,539 from the Community Development Fund to the Legion to complete improvements on the upper level of the Legion Hall. Work will include priming and re-painting the walls, installing unfinished shiplap, a wooden handrail, and fixing drywall.

Support for Ukraine

Village council dipped its toes into international politics at the meeting, as the brutal invasion and war in Ukraine continues.

Council voted to endorse a letter from the Village of New Denver, which says in part that “The Village of New Denver opposes in the strongest of terms Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine nation and demands the immediate removal of Vladimir Putin as Russian leader.”

Council also wrote its own letter to the same effect, for forwarding to our local provincial and federal leaders. The Village will also give $1,000 to the Legion’s ongoing efforts to raise money for citizens of the Ukraine.

John Boivin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Valley Voice

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