Small amount of diesel spilled near Port Harvey, B.C.

A small amount of diesel fuel has spilled into the ocean near Port Harvey, B.C.

A Department of Fisheries and Oceans spokesperson says 178 litres was spilled and spread into nearby waters. The DFO says it's determined that there is no recoverable product remaining. 

The Canadian Coast Guard says the spill originated on land near the Port Harvey marina, located east of West Cracroft Island off the northern end of Vancouver Island.

Thomas Smith, a councillor for the nearby Tlowitsis First Nation, said the spill was first noticed by a resident on Friday morning, who reported to the council and to government officials.

"It's not an extremely large spill, but any kind of spill creates a lot of interest," Smith said.

Though Smith says the area is relatively remote, he says it's a source of shellfish for local residents.

The Coast Guard will remain on scene to monitor the spill as needed.

With files from Belle Puri