Small plane makes emergency landing in Barrhaven field

A small monoplane with two people on board in the midst of a training session made an emergency landing in a field near Woodroffe Avenue and Slack Road Saturday afternoon.

The monoplane had to make the forced landing at about 2 p.m. after being unable to reach the airport.

The Ottawa Flying Club confirmed later Saturday that its Beechcraft Duchess BE76 twin engine, C-FDMO, was the plane involved, and that the landing happened during a training session.

Emergency responders were initially having a difficult time reaching the landing site in the field, but the pilot and the passenger were standing next to the plane waving to firefighters as they arrived.

The fuel supply to the plane was shut off and there was no fire, according to fire department spokesman Marc Messier.

The pilot and passenger were uninjured, he added. Paramedics, however, were standing by along Woodroffe to assess them once they reach the road on fire department snowmobiles.

The plane landed upright on its underside, Messier said, and there appeared to be no major structural damage.

The crash site was about 700 yards from Woodroffe, Messier said.

Officials from the Transportation Safety Board are investigating.

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