This smart spray is 'like dry shampoo for your clothes'

Julia Webb
·2 min read

You know those items of clothes that you wear once, and aren't so dirty that they need to be added to the laundry pile, but they aren't fresh enough to wear again? So do we -- but fear not, because we just found an eco-friendly solution to this everyday issue.

Meet the Love Home & Planet Re-wear Dry Sprays. These sprays are "designed to revive your worn clothes to looking, feeling and smelling refreshed, so you can protect them from the wear and tear of overwashing - it's like dry shampoo for your clothes!"

Shop: Love Home & Planet Vetiver & Tea Tree Re-Wear Dry Spray, $6.99

All you need to do to use this genius product is to lay your piece of clothing flat and spray evenly across it, then hang your garment up for 15 minutes and you're all set (just remember to avoid using this spray on more delicate fabrics like silk or suede!).

We're obsessed with this product for a few reasons. The product is made without parabens or added dyes, is cruelty-free and it comes in recyclable packaging. Plus, the scents are incredible and don't simply masks odors. Also, by extending the life of your clothes before tossing it in the wash, you can help to save water thanks to doing fewer loads of laundry!

The Love Home & Planet Re-Wear Dry Spray comes in three amazing scents, Vetiver & Tea Tree, Lavender & Argan Oil and Rose Petal & Murumuru, and all retail for under $10 at Target and on Love Home & Planet's website.

Shop: Love Home & Planet Lavender & Argan Oil Re-Wear Dry Wash Spray, $6.99

Shop: Love Home & Planet Rose Petal & Murumuru Re-Wear Dry Wash Spray, $6.99

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