Smiths Falls’ residents and tourists can show off their local pride for the town with branded merchandise.

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Smiths Falls’ residents and tourists can show off their local pride for the town with branded merchandise.

To support local businesses as they recover from the impact of COVID-19 and to encourage tourism, the Town of Smiths Falls launched a new SWAG merchandise program.

Businesses in the area had been asking for unique Smiths Falls’ branded swag and to sell in their stores, said Julia Crowder, economic development and tourism manager. This sparked the idea to start the business support program promoting branded merchandise. Town staff co-ordinated the SWAG program to provide merchandise for local shops and restaurants.

Participating businesses will keep all the revenue from the sale of these items and received the first batch of swag for free.

Twenty businesses, shops and restaurants are participating in the program, selling limited editions of a Smiths Falls mug, key chains and enamel pin. As well as art, prints, hats, toque, sticker, cooler bags, reusable utensil sets and a few different T-shirt designs, including Frost and Wood t-shirt, water tower T-shirt, famous facades T-shirt and a baseball T-shirt.

“We’ve heard some really great feedback from the businesses and the community,” said Crowder, adding the program is a positive initiative. “So far it’s been going really well,” she said. The SWAG program officially launched on Friday, July 23, 2021.

Glenda Bak, Special Greetings owner, said a lot of people arereacting positively to the program.

Since the launch of the program, Special Greetings offers some of the T-shirts, mugs and the sticker.

“I think it will help us tremendously,” Bak said.

Each item is priced at a standard price for the participating businesses. The town wanted to ensure that the prises were the same across the town.

“A lot of our travellers are coming from Kingston, Ottawa and Quebec, so these people can come in and take home a little piece of Smiths Falls with them,” said Leslie Richardson, executive director of Smiths Falls Chamber of Commerce. The chamber runs the visitor services in Victoria Park Campground and has almost sold out of Smiths Falls branded T-shirts. They also sell baseball hats, reusable utensils, key chains and the mug.

Items range from as low as $3 for a sticker, between $10 to $25 for other merchandise items, and $35 for the Smiths Falls baseball T-shit.

The Town of Smiths Falls utilized local vendors to make many of the products. Taylor Angus from Tayboo Boutique created the enamel pins, while Impression Printing created the art print, “All Roads.” The sticker, keychain, toque and hats, mugs and shirts, cutlery and cooler bag were created by Howling Designs.

Jessica Munro, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Brockville Recorder and Times

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