Snickers unveils 3 new deliciously wild flavors editors

We've been waiting for this.

Snickers sent the internet abuzz last week with the announcement of its three newest candy bars for next year. The wild new flavors -- salty & sweet, espresso and fiery -- will join its line of "Hunger Bars," which currently satisfies all of our current states like Cranky, Hangry and Sleepy. 

Scroll through to see what we thought of the new flavors:

If you're feeling indecisive, opt for a bite of salted caramel. Feeling wimpy? Take a bite of hot pepper-infused chocolate. Are you irritable this afternoon? Alleviate that caffeine headache with a nibble of espresso.

"SNICKERS® knows that when you're hungry, you lose your flavor and turn into your less desirable self. Our new flavors paired with hunger symptoms provide an extended dimension to show how SNICKERS® ultimately satisfies when hunger strikes," said Senior Brand Manager Michael Italia.

Although these limited-edition flavors won't be available until June 2018, we'll just have to satisfy our craving with the classic version of the candy bar -- but we're not complaining. 

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