‘SNL’ Finale: Eminem Reads Pete Davidson the Riot Act in Cut Sketch (Video)

Pete Davidson hung up his “SNL” hat on Saturday night’s season finale with one last parody rap music video – and a little help from Eminem.

In a sketch cut for time from the live broadcast, “Forgot About Lorne ft. Eminem,” Davidson trotted out his Lorne Michaels impression for an Eminem-style rap that sang the praises of the legendary creator.

The sketch began with Davidson confiding to host Natasha Lyonne that Michaels looks out of sorts. “I think he’s been pretty depressed, because he secretly always wanted to do a music video with you,” Lyonne tells him, pulling out a script she found in the trash.

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“You know what?” Pete says. “That guy has done literally everything for me, so I’m gonna pay him back by doing this rap video exactly the way he wrote it.”

Sporting a suit and gray wig, Pete starts rapping as Michaels in front of two full display cases of Emmys (not quite as many as the 20 awards he has in real life). “Got a mind as sharp as a razor, quick as a razor/First man to wear jeans and a blazer,” he raps.

He then riffs on the longtime showrunner’s high-profile connections, joking that he could probably dial up President Biden whenever he wants and that when he’s “talking ’bout Paul, don’t know if it’s McCartney or Simon.”

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Later in the video, Davidson swaps his Michaels impression for an Eminem-inspired run, complete with the rapper’s iconic voice. “Nowadays, everybody wanna act like they’re breaking the form/But every time I’m looking online it seems like just a bunch of old memes/All these motherf–ing hacks forgot about Lorne,” he repeats.

Davidson also shouts out some of the “comedy greats” who Michaels has marshalled into the spotlight, including his fellow outgoing cast members Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon and Kyle Mooney.

A surprise appearance by the actual Eminem causes Davidson to snap out of it. “Is this like, another tribute or something?” Eminem asks him. “Pete. Don’t f–ing do it again,” he warns him before walking off.

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“Well, Lorne?” says Davidson, turning to his boss. “YOU BLEW IT!”

Earlier in the evening, Davidson got his chance to thank Michaels on air during his final appearance on “Weekend Update,” joking, “He’s led us through the COVID era, even though the only time he wears a mask is at his ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ parties.”

Watch the full “Forgot About Lorne ft. Eminem” sketch in the player above or here.

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