‘SNL': MacGruber Returns and He’s Gone Full Anti-Vax Conspiracy Theorist (Video)

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Will Forte returned to “Saturday Night Live” this week, for his first turn as host. And in a series of sketches, the actor reprised his fan-favorite character MacGruber. But uh, MacGruber is none too pleased with COVID safety measures and might actually be an antivaxx fascist.

As always, MacGruber found himself in a tense situation, with only seconds to diffuse a bomb and save himself and his sidekicks. Of course, those sidekicks were none other than Kristen Wiig, reprising her role as Vicki St. Elmo, and Ryan Phillippe as Piper, both desperately reminding MacGruber about the bomb.

Considering they were in such close proximity, the three were masked up for safety — at least until MacGruber needed their masks as part of his bomb-defusing device. Naturally, they were reluctant to remove the masks, prompting MacGruber to shame them.

Calling them “Karens” and “Sheeple,” MacGruber swears up and dowm that “I’m anti-Semetic.” It’s Piper who’s able to decode what he means, clarifying that MacGruber is asymptomatic. And, inevitably, in his non-stop babbling, MacGruber runs out of time and all three of them blow up.

Don’t worry though, because MacGruber gets another chance. In a second MacGruber short, the gang is alive and well, and this time, Piper and Vicki have plastic faceshields. Even MacGruber is masked up — sort of. He’s wearing a surgical mask, but has cut a massive hole so that his mouth and nose are exposed.

This time, as he rattles off the supplies he needs, he calls for Ivermectin and hydroxychlorquine, washing them down with a bottle of bleach. When Piper and Vicki try to tell MacGruber that these are not valid COVID treatments, he pushes back again, asking them if they’ve heard of QAnon, and holding up a “Let’s Go Brandon” shirt.

Piper worries that MacGruber has fallen down a “Right-wing rabbit hole” of misinformation, but MacGruber swears his info is legit. Oh and no, he doesn’t manage to diffuse the bomb in time. Classic MacGruber.

You can watch all three MacGruber shorts from the night in the video above.

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