Snow alerts in Charlottetown here to stay

·1 min read

Despite Charlottetown public works officials recommending to get rid of the city's snow alert system, city council voted Monday night to keep it in place.

It's a message system that lets people know when the winter overnight parking ban is being enforced, and to get cars off the street for snow clearing.

Residents living in downtown Charlottetown depend on the alerts, said Ward 1 Coun. Alanna Jankov.

"On a cold, cold night, if you know there's no alert and it's minus 30 and you have the option to park in your residential parking spot in front of your house, it's such a better option for a resident than to, you know, bear the cold, hunker down and take the car down the road," she said.

Public works officials argued the system was challenging to administer and would sometimes lead to confusion, especially when the forecast would change and trucks were sent out with no alert issued, but council voted 10-0 in favour of keeping the system.

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