Snow Owls revealed during first ever double-unmasking on ‘The Masked Singer

“The Masked Singer” fans who were excited to see the Snow Owls got their wish on Wednesday night, after the duo was eliminated from the Group A finals. And once they hatched from their egg apparatus, judge Nicole Scherzinger knew exactly “whooo” they were.

“I was like, I know that voice,” said Scherzinger. “And now seeing their bodies, I believe that this is Clint Black and Lisa Hartman.”

Sure enough, after the first double unmasking ever, it was Country Music Association’s 1990 Male Vocalist of the Year, Clint Black, and his wife of 29 years, actress/singer Lisa Hartman Black under all those feathers.

The judges were sad to see the couple eliminated. Scherzinger said, “Y'all were truly the heart of this show.” While Jenny McCarthy-Walhberg echoed her sentiments, saying, “It's true. We're gonna miss our love birds.”