Snow storms delaying Christmas tree pick up

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The annual Christmas tree collection started on Jan.10  (Pat Martel/CBC - image credit)
The annual Christmas tree collection started on Jan.10 (Pat Martel/CBC - image credit)

The CEO of Island Waste Management Corporation says the annual Christmas tree pick up is being delayed by winter weather.

Karen MacDonald said large snow storms the past two weekends have made collection a challenge, and that they're continuing the collection when weather permits.

"It does make it difficult because sometimes you find that they've been covered in snow," she said.

Trees can't be under the snow or frozen to the ground, and large trees must be cut in half, said MacDonald.

Anyone looking to do it themselves can bring their tree to one of the waste watch drop-off centres. Normally, trees are only accepted there until the end of January, but given the circumstances they're tossing out the deadline.

"You bring us your tree anytime this year we're going to take it," she said.

Or... take it to the goats?

For people looking for an alternative to the dump, MacDonald said there are a number of goat farms across the province that want your tree.

Brittany Spencer/CBC
Brittany Spencer/CBC

"I understand that the goats love the trees. So it's a great way to get rid of your tree and feed the goats," she said.

Overall, MacDonald said they're collecting fewer trees each year. She suspects more people are using artificial trees, or taking their trees to goat farms.

A plow operator reached out to the CBC News saying uncollected trees at curbside were causing trouble with snow removal. MacDonald said she hadn't heard that, but offered this advice.

"We would encourage Islanders that if they know snow is coming, and the tree is at the curb, to pull it back if they're able to do that," she said.

A full list of waste watch centres and goat farms that accept trees is located on the IWMC website.

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