Snow way! Newfoundland set to see first major snowstorm of the season Thursday

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Newfoundland will see snow, ice pellets and rain over the course of the day Thursday. (Ashley Brauweiler/CBC - image credit)
Newfoundland will see snow, ice pellets and rain over the course of the day Thursday. (Ashley Brauweiler/CBC - image credit)
Ashley Brauweiler/CBC
Ashley Brauweiler/CBC

For those in Newfoundland who aren't ready to see a winter wonderland outside their window: you're just about out of time.

Winter weather is coming to most of the island on Thursday, like it or not.

Environment Canada has issued special weather statements across eastern Newfoundland, the Bay of Exploits and the Connaigre region, forecasting a mix of snow, rain and ice pellets.

Areas of the Avalon Peninsula will likely see up to 15 centimetres of snow and ice pellets starting early Thursday morning, followed by at least 20 millimetres of rain in the afternoon, according to CBC N.L. meteorologist Ashley Brauweiler.

That rain will likely switch back to snow Thursday evening.

The snow will come with wind gusts between 70 and 110 km/h, which Environment Canada says have the potential to bring damage and pounding surf to the Avalon and Bonavista peninsulas as the snow exits.

"After that, the winds will really ramp up, especially for eastern Newfoundland," Brauweiler said Tuesday.

Ashley Brauweiler/CBC
Ashley Brauweiler/CBC

Brauweiler said totals will depend on how the system tracks in the next day or so, but snow will likely start in the early morning and become heavy by mid-Thursday morning.

The heaviest snow will likely fall just west of the Avalon, where a winter storm warning is in place for much of central Newfoundland.

Areas of central Newfoundland could see between 15 and 30 centimetres of snow Thursday with the potential for more in localized areas, according to Environment Canada. Western Newfoundland will likely see 15 centimetres at most with winds of around 60 to 80 km/h.

"The snow will be heavy … right through the afternoon, and than this should end. All of the snow, whether it's snow or snow/rain or ice pellet mixture, should end by Friday morning," Brauweiler said.

'Just as well to embrace it'

For some, the season's first snowfall is an exciting kickoff to some winter fun.

Harold Bragg, who works in sales at Coastal Outdoors in St. John's, says he and his team have been waiting for the snow to bring a December boost.

"Some people when you hear about a snowstorm are cringing.… With all of the staff here, we kind of get excited," he said. "We call it white gold. So when the snow hits the ground, snowmobiles start to sell."

Curtis Hicks/CBC
Curtis Hicks/CBC

With the incoming snow, Bragg said the store often gets frequent calls around snowmobile parts and winter gear — especially snowshoes — as people look to get outside and enjoy the white stuff.

"We're in Newfoundland, it's just as well to embrace it and enjoy it," he laughed.

So make sure your shovels and snowblowers are ready, get those winter tires on and let the CBC's Zach Goudie, in the video below, give you an idea of what you can expect to see on the news Thursday.

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