Snow zones come with steep learning curve, city admits

Winnipeg city officials admit there are still some kinks in the new residential parking ban system, as crews continue to clear this weekend's dumping of snow.

While overnight parking bans used to be citywide and could last up to three days, Winnipeg has now been divided into zones, with each zone specifically being targeted for a 12-hour span.

Ken Boyd, the city's manager of streets and maintenance, admitted that the new "Know Your Zone" system has been a bit confusing.

"We did have an isolated instance where a contractor started plowing in the wrong zone, and we've taken measures to correct that," he told reporters on Tuesday.

"This is a new system for … the residents, city staff and contractors. We've all got a steep learning curve."

The parking bans took effect as the city began digging out from a 27-centimetre dumping of snow this past weekend. Winnipeg typically receives 21.4 centimetres for the entire month.

Under the new parking ban system, people who leave their vehicles in a zone while that zone's ban is in effect will receive a $150 ticket and have their vehicles towed to a nearby street that has been plowed or is out of the zone entirely.

However, Boyd said officials have decided not to ticket drivers who did not move their vehicles for plows at this time.

About 2,700 warnings were issued on Monday night, and 500 vehicles were towed — at the city's expense — to allow plows to go through, he said.

Residents who want to know what parking ban zone they're in should check the city's Know Your Zone website or call 311.

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