Snowball Fight Organized at National Mall as DC Hit by Heavy Winter Storm

A massive snowball fight was organized out at the National Mall in Washington on Sunday, January 31, as heavy snowfall blanketed the US capital.

This footage, shot by Christopher Chern, shows people clad in beanies, winter coats and various costumes playfully pelting snowballs at each other near the Smithsonian Castle.

The snow fight was organized by a Facebook group called the Washington DC Snowball Fight Association, which dubbed it “The Great Snowakening”.

It had been two years “since the last big snowstorm in DC,” the group wrote on Facebook. “It’s time to get the gear out of the secret storage and safely enjoy the weather in these weird pandemic times!”

The snowfall, which the National Weather Service (NWS) said could continue until Tuesday, was the largest in nearly two years, the Washington Post reported. Credit: Christopher Chern via Storyful

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