Snowplow sends snow and ice into St. John's man's living room

Alex Kennedy/CBC

Roy Evans was expecting Santa to come down his chimney on Christmas Day, but he wasn't expecting what came through his window.

The St. John's man says he was sitting in his living room when he heard a loud bang come from the side of his house.

"I thought somebody ran into the house," Evans said. " I jumped off the couch here and I looked out and I see a council truck going by. And he was going pretty fast."

After calling the City of St. John's to report a speeding snowplow, Evans said he went into the other room to find his window had been shattered, with snow and ice all over the floor.

"I had to board up the window and clean out the room a bit," Evans said. "I still got cold air coming in out there now cause I don't got no plastic up there."

Concerns about snowplows

Evans has spent the past couple days trying to get in touch with the city, but said it's been tricky since staff are off for Christmas.

"All I got was the answering service and that they would pass it along to someone else," he said.

Roy Evans

Evans was able to reach city staff Friday. He said he was asked to send pictures to its legal department, and that someone from the city would come to his home to assess the damage. 

But he doesn't think that's enough. 

"I'm just wondering how they're going to, what's the situation I get my window put back in," Evans said. "And getting [on the phone] out there. It seems like it's going on deaf ears."

A spokesperson with the City of St. John's is looking into CBC's request for comment. 

Evans said his home has had issues with snowplows and other drivers before, as he lives right at the intersection of Thorburn Road and Goldstone Street.

He said snowplows have splattered his house with slush and salt on multiple occasions, but this is the first time he has seen damage on this scale.

Roy Evans

"This is an ongoing thing for years now," Evans said. "This is the first time they beat a window out of me house, though. But that shows how fast they be going."

Evans said no one was hurt in the incident, but he did fear he or his upstairs tenants could have been hurt if they were in the wrong place.

"That's what I was worried about, somebody getting hurt," Evans said. "You know that done that to the window, what could it to do a person?"

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