Solar speeder warning could soon be seen on Selwyn roads

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Selwyn Township Council has approved a motion by Ennismore Ward Coun. Donna Ballantyne to consider including $6,000 in the 2022 budget for traffic calming tools, mainly a portable speed awareness board — but it will not be used the Village of Lakefield because it has a contract with the Peterborough Police Service.

Ballantyne, who is a member of the Smith Ennismore Police Services Board, said the board recommended the purchase because it can be moved to various areas to remind drivers of their actual speed “and it does work to slow down traffic."

It’s a solar device, estimated to cost $4,325 and there will be an extra cost for mounting brackets to make moving it easier.

The township started with Road Watch (a program that lets citizens report aggressive or unlawful driver behaviour), and its next step was to buy a Black CT roadside radar detection unit which collects traffic data and can be moved from one location to another.

“The (Black CT) data gives us times in places where speeding occurs ... but it's a slow process to ticket everybody and we realize that the best speed awareness tool is to educate drivers,” Ballantyne said.

Public education is planned with an online campaign and she would like to see the Black CT and speed awareness board work hand in hand, she said.

“We feel it would be very helpful to move forward with this.”

Lakefield Ward Coun. Anita Locke said she supported the recommendation “so long as Lakefield can borrow it once it a while."

Ballantyne replied, “I think it would be exactly the same as a Black Cat,” but Smith Ward Coun. Gerry Herron asked what percentage the Peterborough Police Services paid for the Black CT.

“To my knowledge, they didn't contribute anything to the Black CT,” said Ballantyne. “But just the same as we can put it on highways and county roads, people that live on those roads (Lakefield Ward) are taxpayers in our township and deserve the same type of service as everybody else.”

“Unless they’re (Lakefield police services) going to pony up, Smith and Ennismore are paying for this,” said Herron. “I don’t know why it would be in Lakefield because Peterborough police have one, so wouldn’t they take that out to Lakefield? I don't believe it should be going to Lakefield.”

Brendan Burke is a staff reporter at the Examiner, covering Peterborough County. His reporting is funded by the Canadian government through its Local Journalism Initiative. Reach him at

Brendan Burke, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Peterborough Examiner

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