'Solo: A Star Wars Story' is 'a heist, gunslinger type movie' and more new revelations

Tom Butler
Senior Editor
Image: courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Hot on the heels of the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, Entertainment Weekly has revealed a bunch of new information and photos from the upcoming Star Wars spinoff.

Most excitingly is the magazine’s cover, which gives us our first full-length look at Alden Ehrenreich and Joonas Suotamo as Han and Chewie.

The magazine also gives us an insight into what to expect from the film, which, up until very recently, has been completely shrouded in mystery.

Kathleen Kennedy, the head of Lucasfilm, calls Solo “a heist, gunslinger type movie,” and an unnamed filmmaker adds detail, calling it “a western crossed with a film noir, freighted with offbeat humor and set in the criminal underbelly of a galaxy being torn apart.”

The heist element of the film is new information, and it apparently refers to a job Han and Chewie undertake to make a name for themselves in the criminal underworld. A newly released picture shows the dynamic duo attempting a daring caper aboard a galactic monorail called the Conveyex.

What they’re stealing remains, as yet, a mystery.

Here’s what else we just learned from EW:

  • Han Solo will “fall head over heels” for Emilia Clarke’s “shadowy” Qi’ra.
  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge is playing Lando Calrissian’s (Donald Glover) droid sidekick, L3-37, who has “a more idiosyncratic personality than your typical droids.”
  • Han will cross paths with “career criminals” Tobias Beckett (Woody Harrelson), Val (Thandie Newton), and crime boss Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany) along the way.
  • The Empire now has Mudtroopers, and you can actually see their faces for once.
  • The film will reveal the shiny, box-fresh Millennium Falcon before it became the most notorious hunk of junk this side of the Kessel Run.

Solo: A Star Wars Story blasts into theaters on May 25.

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