Son enlists Twitter to help reconnect his father with army buddy

A student from Texas took to Twitter in an attempt to track down a man who served with his father during the Vietnam War.

Bryce Lacy posted an old photo to his account of two men in uniform. One man, with a name badge that says “Powers”, has his arm draped around the other man.

“Hey can y’all retweet this,” it reads. “It’s my dad & his old bestfriend when they served in the Vietnam War together, i want to find him”. In other tweet, he adds that the man was from Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The original request was met with astounding enthusiasm, getting retweeted more than 55,000 times. The slew of responses included clues and details as to where he might be.

One user shared an obituary of a woman survived by a son of the same name. Other users traced down a man based in Germany, who shared the same name on Facebook and LinkedIn.

A few days later, Lacy reported back to say that he share some good news: he was waiting to hear from Powers.

On Monday, Lacy tweeted that Powers had reached out to him and they’d swapped contact information. Powers was excited to speak with his long-lost comrade, who he’d been trying to connect with for decades.

Lacy let people know he’d Skyped with Powers, who couldn’t believe he’d been tracked down.

The two former comrades were scheduled to speak to each other on Tuesday. Mission accomplished!