Song Ji-ah apologises for wearing fake luxury items on Netflix’s Single’s Inferno

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Song Ji-ah. (Photo: Instagram/dear.zia)
Song Ji-ah. (Photo: Instagram/dear.zia)

Song Ji-ah, also known as Freezia on YouTube, has issued an apology through her Instagram on Monday (17 January) for sporting fake luxury goods on Netflix’s South Korean dating reality show Single’s Inferno.

Prior to her apology, Song, who is one of the popular contestants in Single’s Inferno and a beauty content creator on YouTube, was often seen donning high-end items from brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Alexander McQueen. She was later accused by netizens of wearing counterfeits, including a Chanel pink knitted blouse, a Dior tube top and a Van Cleef & Arpels’ necklace.

Song Ji-ah wearing a Chanel pink knitted blouse in Single's Inferno. (Screenshot: Netflix)
Song Ji-ah wearing a Chanel pink knitted blouse in Single's Inferno. (Screenshot: Netflix)

In her hand-written apology letter that she shared on her Instagram, Song said she was sorry for wearing fake luxury goods on her social media and on Single’s Inferno. She also apologised for her ignorance of copyright infringement. As someone who hopes to launch a brand, Song recognised the controversy and reflected on her actions.

Apart from promising to be more careful to prevent this from happening again, she has also removed all content with counterfeits. She was sorry for hurting everyone, including her fans, subscribers and brands, and hoped to be more responsible in the future.

Who is Song Ji-ah?

Before joining Single’s Inferno, Song launched her YouTube channel in 2019 as a beauty content creator. The number of subscribers to her channel grew exponentially after she appeared in the Netflix dating reality show.

In a Q&A she did on her channel to celebrate her one million subscribers, Song revealed that she had been recruited multiple times to become a K-pop idol. However, she declined the offers as she thought singing and dancing were not for her.

Owing to her good looks and impressive style, Song was one of the hot favourites in Single’s Inferno, which features 12 Korean singles searching for love on a deserted island.

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