Sorry, 'Kevin Can Wait' shippers: Kevin James and Leah Remini will not be hooking up

Kristen Baldwin
Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Entertainment

Ever since Leah Remini joined CBS’s Kevin Can Wait as a series regular for Season 2, viewers have been consumed with one burning question: When will Kevin Gable (Kevin James) and Vanessa Celluci (Remini) hook up and become a couple? After all, second season Kevin is single, after the off-screen death of his wife Donna (Erinn Hayes). Well fans, we finally have the answer, and that answer is… never. (Probably.)

“We did romantic already,” James told Yahoo Entertainment during a recent visit to the set. “I mean, I don’t know how romantic we were on The King of Queens.”

“We had our moments,” adds Remini, who played James’s wife for nine seasons on the CBS sitcom.

Rather than revive Queens‘ Doug and Carrie Heffernan, James wants to keep things in the Friend Zone with Remini’s Vanessa on Kevin Can Wait. “I like that I can be, like, a wingman for her,” he says. “We can go out as buddies.” Still, the comedian tries to leave a little wiggle room for Kevin-Vanessa shippers. “You never know,” he says, before adding, “I know.”

Well, even if Remini and James aren’t romantically involved on screen, at least fans can take comfort in knowing that they they still act like an old married couple off screen. Consider this exchange:

Remini: “How many takes do I ruin, Kevin?”
James: “You ruin a lot of takes — and you blame me.”

Kevin Can Wait airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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