Souls Harbour offers up an Easter dinner and community

Souls Harbour offers up an Easter dinner and community

Ham, mashed potatoes, salad and a bun made up the main course of the meal served up by Souls Harbour on Good Friday.

Katrina Robinson, Director of Development for Souls Harbour, says more than 400 people, young and old, showed up for the meal on Friday.

"Last year we served about 450 guests and it looks like we're going to be hitting the same numbers this year," said Robinson.

75 volunteers — including Roughriders and Mayor Michael Fougere — served, seated and kept the guests company during their meal.

"We see a lot of families today," said Robinson. "We know school is out today so it's great to have that family atmosphere and create that positive family memory."

Creating memories and offering a big Easter meal is the goal of Souls Harbour when they put on holiday meals.

"Everybody deserves to have traditions in their family, they deserve to have awesome memories, they deserve to have holidays," said Robinson, who said helping those that otherwise wouldn't be able to enjoy a big holiday meal is important to her.