Sound Off: July 7, 2024

Collateral damage

So, because Hamas started the war, that means that innocents are just collateral damage? When will it end? The war won’t stop Hamas because it is an organization that most Palestinians do not support. Israel tactically could have come up with a better plan, but total destruction of the area was what it decided on. This eye-for-an-eye thing is so primitive.

24 hours in a day

What happens if we have a national crisis after 4 p.m.? The White House staff says the president is fully functional from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. So who is in charge the rest of the time? Do things happen before 10 or after 4? We need a president available and capable 24/7.

A simple request

Attention, enemies Of America: Just a reminder that our president only accepts dire national security calls between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., as recently divulged to the press by White House aides. Please make sure that your military actions against the U.S. and its allies occur only between those hours so that we might have a decent chance to defeat you. Outside of those hours, you are much more likely to be successful because our current president needs as much sleep as he can get.

No rush

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to impeach one or more justices of the Supreme Court. However, she doesn’t want to interrupt her vacation.

Bad alternative

Now we have boxes to deposit babies in if a mother decides she doesn’t want to, or can’t, handle her newborn. Wouldn’t it be better for women to decide whether she wants to be pregnant? What if the baby has defects or the baby dies in that box? We treat our dogs better.

What if?

Explain the scenario if Joe Biden had picked a reliable vice president. One that was picked for intelligence instead of DEI or BLM? He’d be in a much better situation four months until the election.

Different rules

If you or I attempted a coup on Jan. 6 where people died, we’d already be in jail. If we conducted tax fraud, we’d already be in jail. If we tried to sway an election, we’d already be in jail. Not to mention the thousands of people who died during COVID because of his poor decisions. And now, if Donald Trump wins, he’s immune? There is no way that I will vote for Trump. I’ll take my chances with President Biden.

Biden’s performance

Watching the debate, I was concerned for the president. He was extremely pale, and dementia does not cause paleness. It appeared that he may have had too much cold medicine, or no medicine at all. He had a rough night, but he still answered the questions asked of him. His great record far exceeds one bad debate night and will not deter his supporters.

Deadly tribute

A recent article publicized another memorial balloon release. If mourners had dumped dozens or hundreds of plastic Walmart bags into the Gulf or across a beautiful meadow, would that have been considered a lovely tribute? The result is the same.

Racist video

The racist rant video article, on the front page of the Sunday paper was probably one of the most horrifying things I have read in a long time. Two things were very terrifying: One, you have a man displaying a complete lack of civility to a fellow citizen. He goes on a racist rant and says things that are way out of line. If he had any common sense, he would be ashamed, but I am afraid in this day and age, he probably thinks that what he did was normal. Just as horrifying is the reaction of Biloxi city officials, the police department, and the newspaper. People want charges brought, his license to drive removed, and an arrest warrant. All because he exercised his freedom of speech. She was never in danger. The only person with common sense in the entire article was the judge, who refused to issue an arrest warrant. Watch out for the speech police, they are coming for you soon if you don’t think like they do. We are one step away from throwing people down the memory hole. Everyone involved in this is causing me to lose sleep over the lack of common sense. Who do I tell them to arrest over that?

The button

Someone asks if President Biden should have control of the nuclear war button. Are you kidding? You want the braggadocios man-baby, Donald Trump, having control of nuclear war?

Abolish the Court

The Supreme Court has become a political tool — and not just recently. Justices are not nominated for it because of their constitutional expertise and legal esteem, but because of their political usefulness to the president doing the nominating. Consequently, the Supreme Court should be abolished; interpretation of our Constitution should become the responsibility of Congress. At least then we will know that the interpretation is political.

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