Sound Off: June 16, 2024

Pass Christian

I drove around my old hometown of Pass Christian recently and was saddened by what is has become. There were cheap, ugly houses everywhere, crammed together with no yards or green spaces. There were new businesses in equally ugly buildings that just changed the ambiance of my once beautiful town. There was one bright spot, however. I was surprised to see a lone, beautiful oak tree in a beautiful green space on Scenic Drive near the main street. Kudos to the landowner for preserving this little piece of paradise.

No monument

Someone wrote in wondering where Donald Trump’s monument was because George Floyd has one. Seriously? Mr. Floyd was not trying to hijack democracy and lie his way into a dictatorship, and Mr. Trump has not had a cop’s knee on his neck until he quit breathing. Mr. Floyd’s monument is not there to extol his virtues as a perfect person, but to bring attention to racial injustice and excessive force by police. Since Mr. Trump once said no one, no one has done more for Black people than he has, I feel certain he must have contributed some of his vast, ill-gotten wealth to build that monument.

We the people

Gov. Tate Reeves wants to eliminate the income tax, which benefits businesses, but does not want to lower grocery tax or give us better access to health care, which benefits residents. Yet we still vote for these politicians. Yawn.

Economy: Good or bad?

A Sound Off asked: What the heck is going on with our economy? Is it good or is it bad? Republicans have seized the narrative on that issue. They keep blaring over media loudspeakers that the economy is terrible. It isn’t. It is doing very well, and that scares them so they have to lie and exaggerate about it and hope enough voters will believe them to help Donald Trump win. Are all segments of our economy doing equally well? They never do in a capitalist system. Different segments of the population have to fight for what they can get, so the distribution of wealth is always shifting in a capitalist system. If you want a distribution of wealth with which all segments are happy, move to a Communist country. But there you’ll find it only in theory, not fact.

Doth protest?

Rachael Maddow says she fears Donald Trump will put her in jail. Is she admitting that she is guilty?

Mixed marriages

The article speculating whether laws against mixed marriages are subject to coming back. Just sit anywhere and people-watch. It’s too late for that. You’d better not take a DNA test. You might get a surprise.

Food prices

Mississippi is not concerned about families not being able to feed themselves. Our legislators have blocked food tax reductions and school lunches. Are you advocating government control of food prices? If you are, I’m with you.

Tax confusion

I’m confused. Is this some of the new math being taught? The announcement of the Harrison County Board of Supervisors for the proposed ad valorem tax for the coming school year is June 17th. The announcement shows the portion of the budget is 24% for both years. However, the proposed new budget is some $6 million less but the 24% is $2 million more than the current years budget. How does that work?

The real embarrassment

No, President Biden is not an embarrassment. Donald Trump was, and is, an embarrassment. Do you think Trump would have said that he respects the rule of law if his son was just convicted of breaking the law? Biden said he would respect the decision of Hunter’s trial, and he would not pardon him. That’s the mark of a man to respect. However, I am not so sure that Trump would pardon any of his children anyway. Trump only watches out for himself.

What’s going on?

There is a constant flow of new people walking down Victory Street. I suspect there is some kind of drop-and-release situation going on in the Willow Wood apartments. Is the city responsible for this? It is in close proximity to GHS if anyone cares.

Gun control

So now that Hunter Biden is convicted of falsifying his gun application, maybe will see more regulations. Let’s examine gun owners by taking blood samples after a shooting. We already have government control over women’s bodies. Why not?

The election

How could one be enthusiastic about President Biden? He has shown the signs of aging and mental deterioration, particularly in recent times. Unfortunately, he most likely won’t finish his next term for various reasons. Donald Trump may not be the personality you admire but this country needs help. The “reserve bench “ in the Democratic Party is not very strong, unless you like Kamala Harris or California. Use common sense, please.

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