Sound Off: June 18, 2024

Global warming

Could global warming just be God’s way of extending the growing seasons in response to the ever-growing world population?

Who I trust

I don’t watch either bias side for my news information. I watch real news stations, not fake news, especially FOX that has had to pay millions because of their lies. ABC, CBS & NBC are my news sources, as well as newspapers and news magazines.

Helping hand

Where is Donald Trump when they need him? Example: Alex Jones has been sued for $1.5 billion dollars for the lies he told about Sandy Hook. Trump should step in and help his conspiracy theorist friend out. Oh, that’s right. Trump only helps himself to other people money.

Grocery prices

I’ve been in California several times over the past 2 years and each time was amazed at how cheaper food is there.

Fooling us

Republican leaders have pounded into their constituents’ heads that lazy people on welfare are costing the rest of us money. That is a big lie. It’s corporations who are costing us money because most of them pay no taxes. They pay their taxes, then the government sends them a refund check for the exact amount that they had paid in. This is perfectly legal. Paying taxes will take away from the company profit, which will result in lower stock dividends. The tax money we lose from “lazy people” is so little that it is inconsequential. Rich people do not want you to realize how much they are scamming you, so they blame the poor.

Simple solution

Instead of building a walkway in the constantly shifting sand on Ocean Springs East Beach, how about building it on the public right-of-way on the north side of the road with picnic tables and public restrooms in a few spots along the way.

How Dems respond

Have you noticed that when Democrats’ policies fail, they attack the opposing party? This particular president has failed miserably on all levels. The highest court recognizes this.

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