Sound Off: June 20, 2024

Bizarro world

Don’t know what world “Economy: Good or Bad” is living in. They say the economy is doing very well and if some segments are not doing well it is because we are a capitalist society. Really? Look back to the pre-COVID Trump economy: All segments were doing extremely well, with low-to-mid income and minorities greatly improving, because we had a real full scale capitalist in charge.

Feel safer

Even if President Biden is slowing down some, I’ll feel much safer with him since I know he is surrounded by good knowledgeable people instead of Donald Trump, who we know will only surround himself with loyalists and yes men.

Too many people

In 1970 the Earth had 3.7 billion people. In 2023, it is 8 billion. How many people can this earth support? I think we have surpassed that number. There are too many people using up too many resources. Just a thought.

Where are the workers?

Months have elapsed since whomever started putting up temporary concrete walls in the middle of Highway 49 in Gulfport. There has been a steady decline in numbers of workers on site to the point that we’ve not seen a single worker there in weeks. What’s up Gulfport?


President Biden’s discount for WiFi coverage was not renewed by Congress. It saved me $30 monthly. Why would they cancel something that benefited so many of us? This Congress is controlled by lobbyists for big businesses. Anything for individual taxpayers is never a priority and often labeled “welfare” by conservatives.


I used to like to read Pickles in the comics but not anymore with the new Sun Herald.

Remember when?

People are worried about the cost of Jill Biden to flying to France for political obligations. Let’s remember that when Donald Trump was president, he held political events at his hotels, charged the government, and pocketed the money. Even Secret Service stayed at his hotels. No president is supposed to make a profit off of their position. Trump did just that. No other president in history has done this because it’s wrong.

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