Sound Off: June 23, 2024

More welfare

Restricting abortion access will mostly affect poor women. Women with money will just go out of state. That means there will be an increase in pregnancy for those less able to take care of their child. Gov. Tate Reeves doesn’t want to expand Medicaid because it will increase the number of Medicaid recipients. His critical thinking skills need improvement.

MAGA World

Donald Trump has turned the traditional Republican party into the irresponsible MAGA show. Republican politicians, scared witless by low-information Trump voters, have chosen humiliation and power over principle. Will the Trump fever ever break?

Pier to nowhere

Democrats, like President Biden, believe the answer to nearly everything is to throw money at it. Not theirs, mind you. Taxpayer money. The temporary pier in Gaza, thrown up to allegedly get aid to refugees in Gaza, cost $230 million and has been fully operational only ten days. It has failed miserably and now needs to be torn down. Senator Wicker called it irresponsible. It was also Biden pandering to the Squad leftists and anti-Semites in his re-election bid.

A legend lost

As a boy growing up in the golden age of sports card collecting, I remember scoring a Willie Mays Topps card. I don’t remember thinking “wow, I got the Black baseball player card!” Naw, it was more like “wow, I got The Say Hey Kid!” With his passing, yet another piece of my youth has also passed, but the baseball world has lost immeasurably more.

Country at risk

It’s amazing that folks believe President Biden is a great foreign relations person. Do the real research over his almost 50 years and all his inputs concerning how to address issues with foreign countries have been wrong. Now he is continuing to make horrible decisions that are placing our Nation in jeopardy. Also take a moment to find out what his administration is doing to our military — our adversaries are.


Unfortunately, I have had a mother and a mother-in-law die from complications of Alzheimers / dementia. These were 7-year journeys. Deny the obvious signs appearing in President Biden all you want, but those of us that have gone through this horrible disease with a loved one recognize the early to moderate signs. This man should not be in charge of nuclear codes and discussions with world leaders about our future. Someone in the White House must be making decisions. President Biden is not capable. Quit burying your head in the sand.

Hiring only the best

I see Robert Morris had to resign from a Dallas-area megachurch because of revelation of sexual abuse of a minor years ago. He was on Donald Trump’s evangelical advisory team during the 2016 presidential campaign. That was certainly an appropriate appointment.

Judgment time

I think it’s great Louisiana is posting the Ten Commandments in public schools. Now, kids will be able to compare their role models’ behavior, integrity, and honesty to the Commandments they do or don’t follow.

Ocean Springs

Anyone else wondering about Ocean Springs Road? Three islands and a roundabout, sidewalks below grade and drunks standing in the road all day? OS is under bad management.

More Pickles

To the “Comics” Sound Off writer: “Pickles” is one of my favorites, too. I’ve found that flipping my mini tablet horizontally makes it easier to read the horizontal strips without adjusting the screen.

Criticizing Biden

Seems every time a post criticizes President Biden or his family, several new posts will come with a “what about Trump” response. Biden ran for and won the presidency — criticism comes with the territory. Always has, always will. How about you Biden people show some thick skin for a change.


I commend the Sun Herald on its new “Edition” format. Articles are easy to find and read. The content is up to date. No more events that occurred a week ago being reported a week later. The reporting seems almost real-time. For those of you who still enjoy the experience of reading a paper version (which is not current), I encourage you to try the online version. It’s worth the switch. Thanks Sun Herald for keeping up with the times (not referring to “New York Times).

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