Sound Off: June 24, 2024

Insurance scam

My car insurance increased by $50. My vehicles are over 10 years old, and I have a clean driving record. Gov. Tate Reeves needs to address this right away. This is not a federal issue. President Biden is not the reason. We let our state legislators get away with things we wouldn’t tolerate from the federal government .


There was a time Republicans had integrity. They were friends and neighbors and some good politicians. Now, almost all kiss the ring of an adulterer and convicted felon candidate, who has leaders like disgraced Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene breeding hate and comparing Donald Trump to Jesus. How despicable.

Pay attention

I am sure liberals are watching closely as national elections unfold in Europe. Specifically in Germany and France. A few years ago the French globalists tried to take out the conservative candidate Marine Le Pen by running her through the French judicial system for the purpose of politically destroying her. She was found guilty but resolved to fight another day. Notice any similarities closer to home? Here, everyday people, not just Republicans or Democrats, have reached their tipping point with open borders, boys who say they are girls, aborting the viable, civil disobedience, two-tiered justice and the runaway Robin Hood style of government. November cannot get here soon enough and the journey will not be pleasant.

No surprise

Donald Trump has raised more money than President Biden. I wonder where the money came from. Answer: billionaires. Why? Tax breaks for them. Will it trickle down to us? No, it never does. It won’t affect inflation or prices for goods and services they sale. Fool me once.

Yep, facts

A Donald Trump fan wrote “Sorry, but facts are facts. Truth is more important than speculation.” Guess Trump found out that facts are of importance when you are in front of a judge and jury. He is a convicted felon trying to be our president.


First there are lies. Then there are damn lies. And then, of course, there are statistics. These are the three pillars of politics, and all sides practice prevarication to some degree. Our job is to determine the why of the lie, who supports the lie and what exactly is the lie. Trump gaslights to show where he’s going, but usually with a sense of humor driving the statements. Biden and the Democrat People’s Party lie only to deceive and take and hold power for some very nefarious reasons.

Another raid

I see where the FBI raided a California mayor’s home, however, I did not see them carrying automatic weapons, stun grenades and wearing bulletproof vests, as with the Donald Trump raid.

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