Sound Off: June 29, 2024

Biden vs. Trump

I just read another Sound Off saying that President Biden is as dicey as Donald Trump. If you check Biden’s record, you will see that he can’t touch Trump’s lying record. No one is suing Biden because he didn’t pay them for work done. Biden can’t come close to Trump’s indescribable public ramblings. I enjoy reading Trump’s ramblings because they are loony, but it is sad that a former president talks like a 4-year-old.

Real talk

All this hoopla over expelling immigrants and controlling women’s rights is because some whites want to keep white men in power. It’s too late because this country is populated by immigrants. Relax.

Law enforcement

I am disappointed with law enforcement across the Mississippi Coast. For some time, traffic enforcement has been slipping away. Drivers speed, run stop signs, and worse, run traffic lights as much as 5 to 6 seconds after the light changes. I have watched LEOs sit and observe these infractions and do nothing. The less enforcement, the more these things occur. I saw a vehicle in a parking lot with a tag that expired in 2021. I challenge the officers to step up and do their jobs. Enforce the law. If you have no desire, change jobs.


Former Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger should receive a medal for courage and moral character. As a volunteer Republican member of the Jan. 6 Committee he witnessed first-hand the evidence of attempts to overthrow democracy. He decisively found the evidence overwhelming and undeniable and put his moral character ahead of his political career. He, as well as Republcan Congresswoman Liz Cheney, were quickly cast out and by Donald Trump’s colleagues. The new conservative party under Trump is a threat because they place their careers ahead of democracy.


I’m glad this debate is over. The media coverage has been nonstop. And don’t mention the excuses offered already about it being rigged, President Biden being hyped up on energy pills and CNN impartiality. Faked and rigged are the new excuses for “it’s not fair because they cheated.” Used just in case you lose.

That’s defunding the police, right?

Republicans want deep cuts to federal law enforcement. How is that different from Defund the Police? It’s like they can’t keep up with what they are for or against.

Ten Commandments

Had to laugh when a writer posted President Biden follows the Ten Commandments. How does the person know what’s in his mind? And the whole world know he has lied repeatedly, so clearly he doesn’t follow them. So amusing.

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