South Algonquin Township unveils its new website

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On the South Algonquin Township Facebook page on Feb. 4, township staff invited the public to come and take a look at their new website. Holly Hayes, the clerk and treasurer, thinks the new platform and training makes the website more functional and it is able to provide the public with important information quickly and easily, and also boasts accessibility functionality. The new website can be found at

Designed by Valley Web Studio of Barry’s Bay, the new South Algonquin Township website arose from the township getting a Rural Economic Development grant in 2019. The township website was last updated in 2013, and Holly Hayes, the township’s clerk and treasurer was really excited about the new site and how far web design technology had come in the ensuing years.

“We really noticed this during the first stages of COVID-19 when we were trying to provide updates and links, and the old website just wouldn’t function the way we wanted it to,” she says.

Hayes says that staff have done a lot of work and were able to define processes to provide the public with clarity on almost all the things they do during the website’s development. She also felt that the opportunity to revamp the website has been a great learning and improvement opportunity for all the staff involved in it.

“Our former website included all the information required in the way of PDF links, but there wasn’t a way to provide explanation or introduction. I have asked staff to think of the things that we do from the perspective of members of the community who don’t work with us every day and try to provide enough information to inform them not only about what we do, but also how we do it and how they can do business with us easily,” she says.

Hayes also loves another facet of the new website, the community pictures. She feels that it’s an excellent demonstration of the beautiful, vibrant and positive community that is South Algonquin. She hopes that the site will inspire members of the community to send in more photos of the great things they do in the township.

“One of the best things about working with this team is how dedicated every member of our staff is to ensuring the community is well served,” she says. “In the redevelopment of our website, I hope that we have provided a tool that demonstrates our dedication to residents and visitors and how if you need something from us, we do our best to get it to you in the most efficient way.”

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times