South Bruce council approves rezoning application

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SOUTH BRUCE – Council approved a rezoning bylaw amendment from Ron Groen to add a temporary, portable dwelling to his farm to house workers shared with a neighbouring farm.

The amendment included a reduced minimum distance separation from a neighbouring livestock facility of 150 metres.

Bruce County Planner Monica Walker-Bolton said, “The reason for this reduced minimum distance separation is that although the house will serve both the farm that it’s located on and the neighboring farm, they are two separate properties and minimum distance separation rules require minimum distance separation to be calculated from any neighboring livestock facility on a separate farm.

“The reason why a reduced minimum distance separation is appropriate for this for this youth is that the folks that will be living in the residence are workers that will be working both on the farm where they’re located and the adjacent farm in livestock barns on both properties.”

Although considered “temporary,” the agreement extends for 20 years, with an option to apply for a continuance, Walker-Bolton said. “However, each continuance after the 20 years would be a fair maximum of three additional years. But there could be an opportunity for a different kind of application to start the clock over again, that’s just how the Planning Act has things set up for garden suites, but so long as the need for workers residence would exist on this property, it would be my opinion that the planning department would support a renewal.”

The housing unit will have its separate driveway and is not clustered together with the existing house on the property.

There were no concerns expressed by Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority, Historic Saugeen Métis, Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board, or the Municipality of South Bruce (Clerk, Fire Chief, CBO, and Operations).

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times